7 Day Writing Challenge {day 1}

I will start with my story. I was born in Maine and moved to Iowa to be closer to family in 5th grade. Made new friends and got on with my 10 year old self. As a youngster I loved playing, building, biking, tinkering. I was always a sports nut and was pretty darn good at most sports too. Probably because I was tall and was used to getting beat up on from my two older sisters. My competitive side helped too. Fast forward through high-school and college and a few more years and here I am today—a Graphic Designer, Fitness Instructor, and Mom.

Today I’m writing on a blog and drinking a cold Oktoberfest. Why? I hope to get my thoughts out into the world to learn about myself. What is my purpose? What am I good at? Do I still know how to write? My life goals are in the works but sound something like this: I want a beautifully simple life surrounded by kind passionate people. I’m hoping to observe myself through this blog and reflect on how I might better myself and ultimately make the world a better place.  How do I get there? How do my daily habits help form who I am? How do I change? Do I want to change?
For now my answer to the last question is YES, I think so.
Hugs to you. 


40 Days in South East Asia

Singapore: Food stalls and the cleanest yet most expensive city on our expedition.

Our first Tuk Tuk ride with Antonio

Bangkok: Majestic Wat's (temples or monasteries), hustling and bustling food markets, wild intersections of tuk tuks in a city with bursting around every corner.

The mighty majestic Grand Palace


Kanchanaburi: A walk down Death Railway taught us a painful history of WW11, House boats on the river Kwai, peaceful sunsets, day trip on motorbike to Hell Fire Pass, Sai Yol Noi waterfall and a Komodo Dragon swam by our floating hotel deck!

A walk down death railway close to Kanchanaburi

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province: Ancient Capital city with the most mysterious and best preserved ruins. Renting a bicycle to tour the city seems to be the thing to do here.

Tony, showing off the ancient city of Ayutthaya

Chang Mai: A northern city with a less busy (almost) small-town feel, beautiful mountain range and the best papaya salad in the world!

Hiking the outskirts of Chang Mai

Keely's Kambucha

I bring you my best creation yet—my home brewed, fermented with love, ginger berry Kambucha. It's a beautiful thing! I've been experimenting with my home made Kambucha for a little over a year now and I can finally say that it is absolutely deelish.

Ready for the second ferment!

Ready for the second ferment!

Here's are the details for anyone who's interested:

First I Brewed 2 gallons of Oolong tea according to package, then added 2 cups organic non-bleached sugar, after the tea cooled I poured the tea into 4 half gallon mason jars. I now have 4 scobies! I gently placed one scoby in each sweet tea filled jar. I covered with towels and rubber bands and stored in my upper cupboards for about 9 days. During this time the scoby eats the sugar in the tea and thus fermenting the tea to a healthy probiotic drink. After nine days I put the fermented tea into bottles with lids and added ginger and blueberries. The now bottled drinks go in room temp (65-80º) dark place and the second ferment begins. This is when the drink gets bubbly. Since it is winter here in Minneapolis and my house is not usually that warm I let the bottled drinks stay out on my counter for many days. This is more dangerous is the summer because my house is much warmer so the drinks ferment at a much faster rate. This second fermenting stage creates a nice bubbly healthy drink.

Who wants to try some?!

My "mothers" (scobies in Oolong tea with sugar) ready to ferment

My "mothers" (scobies in Oolong tea with sugar) ready to ferment