40 Days in South East Asia

Singapore: Food stalls and the cleanest yet most expensive city on our expedition.

Our first Tuk Tuk ride with Antonio

Bangkok: Majestic Wat's (temples or monasteries), hustling and bustling food markets, wild intersections of tuk tuks in a city with bursting around every corner.

The mighty majestic Grand Palace


Kanchanaburi: A walk down Death Railway taught us a painful history of WW11, House boats on the river Kwai, peaceful sunsets, day trip on motorbike to Hell Fire Pass, Sai Yol Noi waterfall and a Komodo Dragon swam by our floating hotel deck!

A walk down death railway close to Kanchanaburi

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province: Ancient Capital city with the most mysterious and best preserved ruins. Renting a bicycle to tour the city seems to be the thing to do here.

Tony, showing off the ancient city of Ayutthaya

Chang Mai: A northern city with a less busy (almost) small-town feel, beautiful mountain range and the best papaya salad in the world!

Hiking the outskirts of Chang Mai