7 Day Writing Challenge {day 1}

I will start with my story. I was born in Maine and moved to Iowa to be closer to family in 5th grade. Made new friends and got on with my 10 year old self. As a youngster I loved playing, building, biking, tinkering. I was always a sports nut and was pretty darn good at most sports too. Probably because I was tall and was used to getting beat up on from my two older sisters. My competitive side helped too. Fast forward through high-school and college and a few more years and here I am today—a Graphic Designer, Fitness Instructor, and Mom.

Today I’m writing on a blog and drinking a cold Oktoberfest. Why? I hope to get my thoughts out into the world to learn about myself. What is my purpose? What am I good at? Do I still know how to write? My life goals are in the works but sound something like this: I want a beautifully simple life surrounded by kind passionate people. I’m hoping to observe myself through this blog and reflect on how I might better myself and ultimately make the world a better place.  How do I get there? How do my daily habits help form who I am? How do I change? Do I want to change?
For now my answer to the last question is YES, I think so.
Hugs to you.